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The School has developed and successfully implemented fully English-language programs for Bachelor’s Degree called “Business Administration”, “Marketing”, “Logistics” and Information resources management. A representative result of the progress in internationalization of curricula, programs, and teaching materials is that the School of Business is the only educational institution with a program for Bachelor’s Degree entirely in English at present. This has a significant influence on the big number of international students in Bachelor’s Degree.


One of the most sought-after and widely known specialities in the world. Students receive comprehensive knowledge in the field of economics, management and marketing. That allows them to perform both ordinary economic and managerial work, as well as lead enterprises and projects to create and bring new products (services) to the market.



Marketing is one of the main activities of any modern organization. Graduates of the speciality possess the skills of strategic, economic and operational planning, they are engaged in market research and competitors, developing new types of products, organizing advertising campaigns, creating a brand, developing and implementing a marketing strategy.


Logistics is a field of activity that ensures the movement of goods from manufacturer to buyer, which minimizes costs and thereby increases the competitiveness of the product and the company as a whole.


The professional activity of a specialist in information resources management stands at the intersection of management, economics and information technology. Such a specialist manages the information resources of the company for its successful work in a market economy.


This programs follow the general principles and standards of internationally accredited programs in leading Western Business Schools. The programs offers a classic selection of 40 courses (over four years of study).


  • mastering professional vocabulary and improving the level of the English language
  • increasing competitiveness in the international labour market
  • acquaintance with foreign applicants — intercultural interaction
  • training in compact groups
  • lectures delivered not only by Belarusian teachers (who underwent training abroad), but also by invited lecturers from other countries
  • use in the educational process of foreign educational materials and cases on business disciplines.

Business administration is a broad field that includes many types of management positions. From large corporations to independent businesses, every operation needs skilled managers to oversee the work and achieve success.

In marketing, you will always have something to strive for and where to grow, improve yourself, even being at the pinnacle of success. In addition to simple highly specialized positions, positions in top management are opened. If you like to communicate with people, analyze what is happening, propose and implement improvements, consider yourself a leader, have energy and a lively mind, are ready for big and interesting projects  the Marketing specialty is for you.

A logistics economist is, first of all, a competent organizer who will create a team and be able to negotiate with partners. He understands how to make the right decisions in the face of uncertainty. This is a specialist who calculates efficiency, takes responsibility and quickly solves complex problems. The logistician is well-trained in the IT field  he has a computer and the necessary programs at hand, which he often creates himself.

In information resource management students acquire the skills of: managing a company, negotiating, communicating with people, analyzing the economic state of a company, forming the intellectual capital of enterprises, effective financial management