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Why School of Business?

Why School of Business?


First of all, We prepare Leaders of the Future!

Through education, research and practice to train business leaders who meet the standards of the modern world!

The School defines its purpose as:

  • Training competent, competitive specialists and managers, as well as highly qualified scientists.
  • Building of future specialist into specialist with active citizenship, high spirituality and social responsibility.
  • Development of creative abilities in students, their involvement in active research activities and participation in innovative solutions of the international level.
  • Active partnership in the system of national and international scientific, educational and innovative cooperation.
  • Development of social partnership and corporate culture based on high ethical standards.

Next, Excellent Academics & Programs

We hope that students will start to shape their lives, gaining an understanding of what they want to do with their skills and talents and form the right values ​​and interests. Find their place and purpose in the world, will contribute to its improvement.

The instruction is conducted by the best specialists and experts in the field of business, successful theorists and leading practitioners. The School has 128 teachers, of whom 30% are practicing specialists. In addition: 10 Doctors of Sciences, 69 PhDs, 8 Professors, 57 Associate Professors. All existing methods and technologies in education are used: lectures, seminars, master classes, case studies, guest lectures of foreign teachers.

The oldest MBA Program in Belarus

The SB MBA program is for those who already have experience and would like to get career promotion.  The course content reflects the most modern world research in theory and practice of management. Special courses and sections are dedicated to various companies' international activities. Courses in the program's English language section are conducted both by foreign and Belarusian lecturers qualified at leading international business schools.

Opportunity to get education completely in English

Obvious progress has been made in the field of internationalization of the curricula of the School of Business. The School has developed and successfully implemented a fully English-language programs for Bachelor’s Degree!

Level and Quality

According to statistics, 80% of graduates of the School become managers after several years.

The essence of the School’s mission in training leaders of the future: people able to improve economic performance, both companies and the country as a whole, improve living standards, the country's rating fully coincides with the strategy of being a leader in the business education market of the Republic of Belarus. Only by providing our students with high-quality, up-to-date knowledge, helping them to form a proactive stance, develop spiritual values, and creative abilities can achieve the above.

Actively developing international projects

The Department of International Cooperation of the School of Business of BSU is actively developing cooperation with foreign universities, research and development establishments, foundations and other organizations. Due to its international contacts, the School is able to invite foreign professors and business representatives to give lecture courses, conduct trainings and master classes. Foreign teachers throughout the whole year conduct the courses on the programs of higher education.

  A wide variety of programs

The School provides instruction at all levels of Bachelor’s Degree and postgraduate education.

At the first stage of higher education, programs are implemented in 4 specialties that are included in the ranking of the most popular specialties in the world and in the Republic of Belarus:

The Master's Degree offers students 11 programs in the field of business education, including the international MBA program (Master of Business Administration) in Russian and English, the exclusive program “Design of Complex Integrated Systems”, etc.

Retraining is in 16 educational programs (including the Executive MBA) and Advanced Training in 20 programs