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Alexander Solodkin

Management consultant with over 30 years of experience in Operations Management, including 11 years working in Canada for Hudson’s Bay Company, Ontario Government, and Husky Energy. Senior member of ASQ, Member of APICS, CIM and CILT professional associations. Master of Engineering and Postgraduate Studies attained at the Belarus National Technical University.

Courses: "Operation Management".


Alexander Voronin

Ph. D;  Certificate of training at the Institute of Economic Development of the World Bank.. Experience  in consulting and setting up a system for managing the activities of enterprises in supply chain (SCM) and sales based on the full-loop KAIZEN (LEAN + 6 SIGMA + TOC approaches) and requirements of ISO standards. Developer and trainer of a series of seminars and consultations for setting up and optimizing business processes at client enterprises of the Institute of Economics and Organization in Industry (strategic and operational management in supply chains). Consultancy experience in Agile practices and risk management. Author of over 50 publications in the field of operations management and logistics.

Courses: "Operations management", "Strategic management", "Theory of Constraints".


Anton Lebedev

Master (MBA SBMT BSU), teacher of English-language programs MBA and BBA BSU, teacher of the educational center Ambitious Suits Consulting.

Courses: "Business Statistics", "Managerial Economics".



Darya Zhuk

MBA (SBMT BSU). Partner in the Minsk office of COBALT law firm. 

Courses: Business Law.

Dr. Hassan Al-Nouri

Professor, International programs Coordinator. CEO of MHRGI-Management and Human Resource Group International.

Courses: "Strategic Marketing", "International Marketing".

Irene Mamonova

PhD. Trained and taught in Central Washington University (US), Växjö University (Sweden), Molde University College (Norway) and the Arab Academy (Egypt). Fulbright professor. 

Courses: Management and Organizational Behavior, Personal Development.

Lola Trapsh

MBA (SBMT BSU). Representative of Pedersen & Partners in Belarus. Trained in the US, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Courses: Management and Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management.

Mikhail Chepikov

Certified trainer in economics at the National Council on Economic Education (US). Trainer in Transitional Economics, IMF Institute and Economic Development Institute (World Bank). 

Courses: Managerial Economics.

Mikhail Gorshkov

МВА (Viadrina University, Frankfurt). Tax expert in WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law. Financial Director of Hilti BY. 

Courses:  Managerial Accounting.

Olivier P. Roche

Fulbright Professor, PhD in management from McGill University MBA, University of North Texas Denton.

Area of Expertise/Research - Corporate Governance.

Associate Dean / Salisbury University, Maryland, USA.

Courses: Strategic Management, International Business.

Sajeev Varki

PhD (Vanderbilt University). Previously taught at University of Rhode Island, USA, and Auckland University, New Zealand. Currently teaching at University of South Florida, USA. Fulbright scholar at Belarus State University.  

Courses: Marketing Management and International Marketing and Market Analytics.

Viktor Smusin

Twice voted best MBA teacher: of 2018-19 and of 2012-13Courses: Business Statistics, Management Information Systems, Business Presentation

Co-founder of BIVIAR Partners, an IT and Data Science company. Viktor has participated in numerous ERP implementation projects in Belarus and abroad since 2003. Teaches Excel, Business Statistics, and some other topics. Master of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Master of Business Administration (graduated in 2009 with the highest grade point average ever achieved at MBA SBMT BSU). Viktor studied mathematics and computer science at Belarusian State University and at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany). He attended IMTA (International Management Teachers Academy) program in Slovenia.