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Graduate Testimonials

Igor Irho, MBA 2003 graduate, professor at the State University of New York

"I often think about the question: why MBA at BSU affected my future life so much. In the end, my retraining from Belarusian entrepreneurs into international lecturers is closely linked to the passion I felt being a student at SBMT. Did they use international experience in business education? Perhaps they did. Excellent faculty? Definitely. But at the same time I think that the atmosphere of cooperation, experimentation and creativity is the most unique aspect ofthis MBA at Belarusian State University, its competitive advantage. This is the atmosphere that I am seeking after SBMT as a student. This is the atmosphere I am trying to recreate as a teacher."

Viktor Smusin, MBA 2009 graduate, IT consultant at “Atlant-M” Holding Company

"Doing an MBA was an extremely interesting experience. This fact alone (although it was not only it) fully justified the investment into this education. I took English MBA. We used American books that could be read as an adventure novel. International professors with a completely different vision, approach and experience taught a few classes. MBA helps you to see complex things in a simple way and vice versa, to move from small to big, doubt theevident and think strategically,  a couple moves ahead. You start looking at the world differently. It sounds big. And big it is."


Igor Ovsyanik, MBA 2007 graduate, Producton director, EPAM Systems

"I consider MBA Program at the School of Business and Management of Technology at BSU one of the most serous and thorough out of those present on the market of Belarusian educational services. The studies at the school require a serious investment of time and effort, but they helped to widen, deepen and systemize my management knowledge, approach issues differently in my job and to aquire new friends"

Tamara Mokrousova, MBA 2009 graduate, Deputy Director, Biornica AG Representative Office in Belarus

"MBA Program does not give ready made answers. It was developed in such a way that allows you to make conclusions on the basis ofpractical knowledge, without trite clichés. Case method that is used in the program makes you analyze the strategy, tactics, look for mistakes and think about your own solution to each particular situation. It is a lot more fun to study on someone else's mistakes rather than on your own. I believe that two years at the program allowed me to establish myself as a leader, improve mypeople management skills, expand my contacts network and overall to increase the effectiveness of our office. Most importantly, I feel being quite a few steps ahead of my colleagues."