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Linguistic support of business

The program is designed to develop and improve essential business skills in English.

The program sets the following objectives:

  • to use English to improve understanding of the essence of business and business processes;
  • to master basic vocabulary and stylistic patterns to analyze economic and legal components of business in English;
  • to improve English grammar to describe economic and legal regulations of business;
  • to gain economic and legal competencies through linguistic support of business activities;
  • to raise the status of a business person.


Program content

Topic 1. Worldview foundations of modern business (the essence of modern business, business and worldview, philosophy of business, sociology of business, business culture).

Topic 2. Economic competencies in business (economic component of business, enterprise activity, marketing, finance, accounting).

Topic 3. Legal competencies in business (legal component of business, legal support of business, intellectual property, contractual relations in business, legal responsibility).

Topic 4. Business communications (the concept of business communication, business psychology, business negotiations, digital communication in business, business conflicts).


Language: English.

2 modules (choose modules based on the preferred duration)

  • Module 1 – 36 academic hours;
  • Module 2 – 72 academic hours.

Form of education: full-time (evening), distance learning.

Class meeting frequency: 4 academic hours 3 times a week.

Documentary acknowledgement of training:
a certificate of advanced training and a certificate of course completion in English.

Tuition fee:

  • 450 BYN – Module 1;
  • 800 BYN – Module 2.

Contact information:

Address: Minsk, 15a Moskovskaya street. Room 46.


Phone: +375-29-622-52-02 - Gulyakevich Dmitry Leonidovich

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