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Graduation ceremony at the School of Business of BSU

On June 30, 2023, graduates of School of Business of BSU got their coveted diplomas.

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In the festive atmosphere of the President Hotel, Natalia Mantsurova, Head of School of Business of BSU, congratulated graduates:

— Today’s an exciting day for all of us. This day’s cheerful and a bit sad. What makes it joyful is that you have already achieved great success and managed to be students of one of the most prestigious faculties of BSU. What makes it sad is that one of the most important and interesting stages of your life is coming to an end. We hope that while studying in School of Business of BSU you’ve not only gained essential expertise and knowledge, but also learned to support each other. Congrats on this landmark in your life! You’re the best!


It should be noted that this year more than 400 graduates received their diplomas, 27 of them graduated with honours, and 40 were awarded with testimonials for active participation in the School’s life, academic affairs and success in sports.

Graduates received graduation documents from the hands of the Head of School of Business and heads of specialized departments.


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The continuation of the gala program was creative performances from youth organizations.

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At the end of the grand ceremony, some graduates shared their impressions.

Anastasia Poyta graduated from School of Business of BSU with honours. According to the host of the ceremony who presented her on stage, Anastasia is one of the most radiant students of the “Management” speciality. She’s always been ready to help out and was a great friend. The tipping point of her career choice 4 years ago was an Instagram post about School of Business of BSU. After studying the information, Nastya decided to apply for School of Business of BSU, which she never regretted.

— Most of all, I remember students' life, a lot of various events. I remember, after classes we ran to rehearsals, were making scenery, were playing over programs until black dark. Sure, we were exhausted, but those moments closed us up, introduced us to each other, – said the graduate. — I also remember scientific conferences, trips to enterprises and meeting classes with external experts.

Anastasia plans big for the future: she portrays herself as the head of a department or a CEO of her own business. And the knowledge gained at School of Business of BSU will help her to live her dream.

Viktoria Polyanis, “Marketing” speciality graduate, has chosen School of Business of BSU based on numerous positive reviews on the Internet:

— I think that in 4 years I have remembered all our events that make student life more colourful! Also, lecturers and teachers in School of Business of BSU are very charismatic.

The graduation ceremony was not only the end of the educational path for graduates of School of Business of BSU, but also the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. They are ready to put their knowledge and skills into practice and become leaders in the business world.

You can see more photos from the ceremony here.

School of Business of BSU is proud of its graduates and sure in their future success!