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Palace of the Republic

“At the end of the life the only makes sense what you have learnt and learnt truly”
Harry Truman

Reaching the top of the business requires not only innovative tools, but also modern management skills. The School of Business of BSU is the ideal place for those who want to get a full set of knowledge and skills needed on their way to professional business success.

Trainings allow you to understand the basic principles of enterprise management, training projects help bring business ideas to life. And educational practices are aimed at mastering the processes of organizing the work of enterprises on real examples.


First-year students of the speciality “Business Administration” Vladislav Milevskiy and Henry Matskevich shared their impressions of the excursion as part of their internship.

“We were lucky to visit the State Institution “Palace of the Republic” of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus. The tour was conducted by the leading specialist of the concert department, Alyona Bobrovich. In her welcoming speech, she spoke in details about the internal and external environment of the institution, dwelling in detail on the issues of planning events and budgeting. The administration of the Palace of the Republic strives to improve the cultural and spiritual well-being of its clients by treating its employees with respect.

The organizers of the practice shared with us exclusive information on how to competently and effectively attract people through advertising. We were also introduced to a wide range of additional services of the Palace of the Republic.

Moreover, the Palace of the Republic is always open to different innovations, new marketing strategies and effective partnerships. One of the most significant goals of the organization is the actualization of the concert space and the holding of new (and different) events in the city.

We believe that the marketing techniques used are becoming an integral part of any successful business related to the organization of events and more!

Using the work of the managers of the Palace of the Republic as the example, it became clearer how to properly systematize the work of enterprises operating in the field of art and culture. After listening to the speech, we were surprised by the number of interesting modern practices that we can apply in our business”.


Students of groups 214 and 215 added their opinions on past practice:

“It was very fascinating to find out how the organization works, what services it provides. I liked a small tour of the floors and service rooms of the Palace as well”.
Anastasia Khmarenkova

“The event seemed very exciting to me. After visiting it, I discovered some mistakes that I made in my business. I thank the School of Business for the opportunity to learn something new and improve my projects”.
Vladislav Shtelmakh

“I was really impressed by the working process at the Palace of the Republic. From my point of view, their management system is good and efficient! We are pleased to be invited to such well-known organization”.
Milana Sazon

“I do highly appreciate the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the external and internal environment of the Palace of the Republic, its corporate culture and the opportunities it provides to employees. All of them can continue their careers and contribute by increasing their professional growth in the palace”.
Polina Bychinskaya


Summing up, we would like to say that the acquired knowledge will become a reliable support in the construction of our projects. We thank the School of Business of BSU for a high-quality education.

Moreover, students of groups 211-212 were able to attend a rehearsal of a concert dedicated to the Day of the Police as part of their practice. The students were impressed by the individual musical numbers and the light and musical design of the stage.

The first-year students of the speciality “Business Administration” and the Chair of Business Administration express their gratitude to the administration of the State Institution “Palace of the Republic” for the warm welcome and professionally meaningful event.